2 new AFF students cleared for solo

Finally getting cleared to jump solo is always the aim of any new skydiver. That feeling of being in the sky, without any instructor as your security blanket is always strangely liberating and terrifying at the same time.

As a solo skydiver, you have demonstrated that you are able to exit the plane with sufficient stability, control your body in freefall, safely deploy your parachute at the correct altitude, correct any problems that may arise, as well as safely land the parachute after every jump. So when your instructor tells you that you have attained that level, the confidence one gains from that knowledge is nothing short of empowering.

Of course, one cannot jump solo forever. Part of the joy of the sport is learning to safely jump with others as well. And this progression is what spurs new skydivers to never stop learning and gain more experience in the sky.

Having fun with your friends in the sky never gets old. Smiles all around on every single jump!

And smiles even when we try to steal each other’s shoes in freefall. That’s our fellow Skydive Singapore coach, Tian Rui, frantically pulling his foot away as Jack goes straight for his shoe!

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