Coach Courses and AFF Student Jumps in China

And here we are in Anyang, Henan conducting AFF courses for another batch of students (just under 20 students again this time), as well as coach and tandem instructor courses for some candidates looking to level up their skills and start training new skydivers!

After going over ground training with the students and making sure they were ready to jump with us, we started taking them on some tandem training jumps, and followed up with their AFF jumps. They performed really well, and cleared their course as self-supervised skydivers really quickly! So glad they managed to get some tunnel training in before the course proper too!

And to top it all off, we even managed to get some fun jumps in with our old friends. As much as we love our work jumps with our students, it’s the fun jumps that keep us coming back for more!

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