Wind tunnel preparation for AFF

Since we’ve been spending so much more time on the ground over the last year due to travel restrictions, we have pivoted our focus toward wind tunnel training.

Previously, most of our students in the tunnel would be our students in the sky as well. That trend has changed, and we are getting more non-skydivers coming to us for bodyflight coaching!

We’ve put together this video to showcase just how we employ the wind tunnel to our advantage, developing freefall muscle memory in a far less stressful environment.

All the skills we help our students develop in the tunnel aid them in the freefall portion of their AFF course, as they no longer have to struggle with performing tasks in a situation that overloads them with stimuli. Their responses become automatic, and they only have to focus on the new core skills like altitude awareness and actual physical deployment of their parachutes.

Come join us in the air, whether we’re 4 feet above the net, or 14,000 feet above the ground!

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  • Hi Guys, am planning a 2 week trip to Singapore from Hong Kong in October. Are you operating at the moment, either wind tunnel or actually jumping?

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