August 17, 2016


Accelerated Free Fall Course (AFF)

Ready to take that leap into the world of sport skydiving? Tandem jumps making you feel like a tourist and not an extreme athlete?

Join us for an AFF course! Our instructors have many years of experience and have made many jumps with students, with safety as our highest priority. And at the end of the day, this is probably the most fun we could think of having!

Passing the AFF course allows you to jump solo, and you will be trained to pull your own parachute, do aerobatic maneuvers like front loops, back loops and barrel rolls, steer the parachute on your own and learn the basics of landing like a skydiver.

We can also incorporate optional wind tunnel training into our AFF course package. We have found that practicing the relevant flying skills in the wind tunnel before jumping helps to develop muscle memory, and that significantly increases one’s chances of clearing the individual AFF stages.

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USPA Licences

So now that you’ve completed your AFF… What’s next?

Delve deeper into the world of skydiving and learn how to fly with your friends! A coach will be there to guide you on the basics of flying safely with others, as well as impart to you the relevant group freefall skills required to attain your very own internationally recognized USPA A-licence!

Learn how to safely approach groups of skydivers, change the speed at which you fall through the sky, take grips on other skydivers to create formations, and break away from the group to deploy your parachute in clear airspace.

Work towards your B-, C-, and D-licence as well, and pick up new freefall and canopy skills along the way as your experience level increases. We will be able to help you get there, and evaluate your skillset as you apply for the next licence on your journey of airborne self-discovery!

Commitments forced you to spend some time away from the sport, and you wish join us up in the sky again? We offer refresher training to get you back up in the air as well!

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Got your skydiving licence? Want to try your hand at coaching new flyers, or becoming an instructor?

As a coach and instructor, not only will you re-visit all the basics as you go through the rating course, you will pick up specific skills gleaned from the field of educational psychology. You will learn about methods to increase knowledge retention in students, develop their muscle memory, motivate them to want to learn more about our fascinating sport, and more! This knowledge will be very useful, as you take on a more instructional role in skydiving, and will spill over into other areas of your life, for the pedagogical principles can be universally applied in almost any field where teaching is involved.

We do conduct courses for aspiring coaches, AFF instructors, tandem instructors, static-line instructors, and manufacturers’ tandem ratings for United Parachute Technologies (Sigma and Vector tandem systems). Besides the initial rating course, we do offer recurrency training for expired rating holders as well.

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