One more skydive before Jack’s second child is born

Very often, our students come to us telling us that they had to wait until their child or children are a bit more grown up before they found it feasible to come for their AFF courses.

We completely understand where they are coming from, being parents ourselves. We have been very fortunate to be blessed with understanding families that hold the fort when we are up in the sky.

So one of our instructors, Jack Seet, just became a father of two a few days ago. And 2 days before his child was born, he decided to commemorate the occasion with a fun jump on the afternoon of his return to Singapore from Thailand.

Arriving 4 hours early at the airport, this was the edit he came up with.

So for all parents out there, we hope you come join us in the sky soon. For all you know, your children may be inspired to follow in your footsteps, and take up the coolest sport we know. And if they are too young to jump out of planes, there is always the wind tunnel!

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