AFF training for a large group of skydiving students

Such a great time we’ve had on this AFF training trip! Stepping into the gates of this flying school feels like such an entrance into a historical monument. Many of our skydiving friends in China have graduated from this school as skydivers as they train for and represent their country in this sports school.
The entrance to our dormitories, where we stayed for weeks. We feel so well-taken care of, with our meals and accommodation right next to the dropzone. We barely even have to leave the compound for necessities, with the supermarkets and provision shops literally right at our doorstep!
And of course, this is where we get down to business, training our students to safely exit the plane on every skydive throughout their AFF and beyond, and controlling their freefall, all the way till it is time for them to deploy their parachutes.
As their instructors, we have to ensure we land quickly so we may guide them down with the receivers in their helmets, as we communicate with them to ensure they land their parachutes accurately and safely.
At the end of a long day, nothing wraps up better than a good meal. This hilarious sign states, if you do not fill your tummy, where will you find the strength to diet?
And with hours to burn while waiting for our flight back, our two instructors find themselves exploring the area around the airport on the airport express. Time to head home!
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