August 17, 2016

USPA Rating Courses

All candidates for rating courses are required to possess a current copy (less than 24 months) of the Skydivers Information Manual (SIM) and Instructional Rating Manual (IRM). The SIM may be downloaded from the USPA website but a hardcopy of the IRM will need to be purchased from their online store. When you are ready to register for any of the rating courses, or if you would like to have us conduct a course at your drop zone, please drop us an email or a call.

  1. Coach Course
  2. AFF Instructor Rating Course
  3. Tandem Instructor Rating Course

USPA Coach Course

A. Pre-requisites

  • minimum 18 years of age
  • USPA membership
  • B-license or FAI equivalent
  • minimum of 100 jumps.
  • have the written exam completed prior to the course.

B. Pre-course preparations

The Coach proficiency card is in the back of the USPA IRM (Instructional Rating Manual) You need a current (no older than 24 months) IRM and SIM for the course. The proficiency card in the IRM serves as your rating application form after you are done with the course. Most topics on the card get signed off during the course by either the course director or by your evaluator.

“Assisting in the first jump course” and “teaching the general portions in the first jump course” need to be done at your home drop zone and can be completed before or after the course.

C. The Course

The course starts with verification of the requirements (see section A above) so bring your membership card and logbook if necessary.

There will be one day of ground school in which we will discuss the materials in the IRM and SIM that pertain to the coach rating.

To successfully clear the course, each candidate must attain a “Satisfactory” score on 2 teaching sections from category A, and on several topics for ground preparation of group freefall skills (category G and H.)

You will also be evaluated based on your in-air skills. You must meet the skill requirements on 2 evaluation jumps.

Each candidate must score at least 80% on a written exam. It is an open book test. The questions are in the back of the IRM, together with the answer sheets. All candidates must complete the written test prior to attending the course. For those who show up without the test completed, or do not score at least 80 % on the first test, a 100% score will be required for any test taken during the course.

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AFF Instructor Rating Course

A. Pre-requisites

  • minimum 18 years of age
  • holds or has held any USPA instructional rating
  • must have held a USPA Coach or Instructor rating for at least 12 months, or have at least 500 jumps
  • holds a USPA C license
  • logged six hours of freefall time

B. The Course

This course may be conducted either as an initial USPA Instructor rating course for USPA Coaches, or as a shorter transition course for current USPA Instructors rated in another method and instructors who hold a harness-hold rating issued by another FAI-member country.

Candidates for the USPA AFF Instructor rating will be evaluated during the course for their ability to:

  • understand the course material
  • conduct effective ground training, using other candidates as stand-in students
  • safely prepare, supervise, and perform in-air training of students making AFF jumps with AFF evaluators acting as students

There will also be an open-book written examination, which candidates should have completed prior to attending the course, and have correctly answered at least 80% of the questions presented.

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Tandem Instructor Rating Course

A. Pre-requisites

  • minimum 18 years of age
  • At least 500 ram air jumps
  • Hold a USPA D-license or foreign equivalent
  • Hold a current FAA Class III medical certificate or foreign equivalent
  • At least 3 years in the sport
  • Currently possess a USPA Coach or other Instructional rating or foreign equivalent

B. The Course

The tandem rating course will take 3 up to 5 days (weather permitting).

The course consists of one day of classroom training, 5 evaluation jumps and a written examination.

The Vector 2 and Sigma Manuals are required for the course. It is recommended that you print these manuals from the United Parachute Technologies website prior to the course. The questions for the written test are in the Manuals. It is an open book test and should be completed at home before coming for the course.

You will need to bring copies of the following for verification of pre-requisites in section A above:

  • USPA membership card with D-license number and coach/instructor rating or foreign equivalent
  • Copy of a current FAA Class III medical certificate (or foreign equivalent) with certificate number clearly displayed
  • Copy of logbook pages with 500 jumps (unless USPA card shows a Gold Wing award)
  • Copy of logbook pages showing 3 years in the sport

You will also need the following for the evaluation jumps:

  • A baggy jumpsuit.
  • An open face helmet or a leather hat.
  • If you own an audible altimeter, you may use it for the evaluation jumps.

After the first 5 evaluation jumps for the course, you need to make an additional 5 tandem jumps with an experienced jumper who has at least 100 jumps.

After the first 10 tandem jumps, you will be required to log an additional 15 tandem jumps (these jumps may be done with first timers) at your home drop zone.

After completing a minimum of 25 satisfactory tandem jumps, you can then submit the paperwork to UPT for the issuance of a manufacturers rating card.

C. Sigma Endorsement

To get the Sigma endorsement you need to make an additional written test, available from the United Parachute Technologies website.

D. Cross-training for a UPT rating

If you already possess a current Tandem Instructor rating from another manufacturer, you may receive crossover training to attain the Vector/Sigma rating.

To qualify for cross-training you must:

  • possess a current rating from another approved manufacturer
  • show proof of at least 25 jumps on this system
  • meet all the requirements for the initial UPT tandem course (see above)

You will also need to bring copies of the following:

  • current tandem rating card
  • log book with a minimum of 25 tandem jumps
  • USPA licence card with D-licence and instructional ratings
  • FAA Class III medical certificate or foreign equivalent

The course consists of a classroom portion and a minimum of 2 evaluation jumps.

Cross-train candidates must also take the open book written exam, which can be downloaded directly from the United Parachute Technologies website together with the Vector 2 and Sigma manuals, before commencement of the course.

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